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Thread: adding anchor points in vectors

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    adding anchor points in vectors

    How can I add an anchor point in vectors?

    According to Flash MX Lesson "For Freehand and Illustrator Users", "To add or subtract points, move the pen tool over an existing path. The Pen tool plus (+) icon indicates that clicking will add a point. Click to add a point to the path."

    But everytime I use the pen tool, select the path I want to edit, and hover my mouse over the path, the pen with + sign icon doesn't appear. Instead, the pen with a O sign appears. I can subtract points when the minus sign appears, on the other hand.

    This is weird... yalp!

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    Hmmmm... never occured to me...

    Personally, I skip Reeehand (and/or Illustrator) and do the whole spiel with Flash itself...

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    I would but I can't... which is why I do my drawings in Photoshop, export to Adobe Illustrator, then in AI set the width to 1pt, copy and paste to Flash. BUT... it came out like this:

    Instead of

    (No, US west coast isn't THAT straight)

    Yup, gotta admit it's really weird.

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    I've got a similar problem, but only with forms made with the rectangle tool. I can add anchor points to circles, etc. just fine. What about you?

    Anyway, when copying stuff from Freehand the anchor points seem to get screwed up a little. My best results were with copy/paste or importing the forms from a wmf-file (Windows)I exported from Freehand.

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