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Thread: Critique of Logo

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    Critique of Logo

    I am working on a Logo design for a high-end Grill Acc. store Called Grillin and Chillin. I came up with a couple of ideas to pitch to the client but I would like some feedback on my logos before he sees them. I did a quick flash intro to present the pieces its only about 15-20 min worth of work so if you feel the need to critique the site go ahead but more importantly please crit my logos and you can be brutally honest don't worry about hurting my feelings

    His only advice for the logos was grab a pina colada and draw some logos so the same goes for you all, sit back pop open a corona and enjoy its Friday!

    Grillin and Chillin

    Sry about the initial pop-up window to.

    Anthony DeLaura

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    the one you open with is definitely the best.

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    i'd say the #1 (in the menu) for simple reasons :

    a- you have the grill : the glass and the "fork"
    b- you have the chill : the guy sleeping

    great Logo concept in my opinion =) and if he follows his own advice, chances are that he'll choose #1, cool logo !
    #2 looks like a cafeteria logo
    #3 doesnt tell its a restaurant
    #4 is good too, but is more "classic"

    great work !

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    Number 4

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    #4 is really cool. Nice work
    KEEP ON FLASHIN'..............

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    # 2 is interesting but really structured, and doesn't look "relaxed" at all.

    #3 is hilarious! I wouldn't use it though, it'll look really horrible when you have to greyscale it for faxes and stuff.

    #4 is definitely the best. When I first saw it on your intro, I was like "okay so he picked this, not bad." The type fits well, the graphic is simple yet effective, and overall, it'll stick well different mediums where you may not have the ability to use color.

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