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Thread: Unreal Image Protection! Please Help

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    Unreal Image Protection! Please Help

    This site has protected this image so well. It requires a viewer to view and I can not figure out how to save the photo. If anyone knows how or can figure it out, please help. So far I have tried:
    •Print Screen
    •Alt-Pront Screen
    •Right Click
    •Screen Thief 98
    •Web Capture Pro
    •Looking in the source
    Some one please help me save this image.
    Jason L. Wright
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    or better yet, sack up and buy the damn thing, cost you between 3.50 and 10 bucks. Why thieve it?

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    this thread really should be closed. you're asking to somehow illegally obtain copywritten material.

    serpent said it best. either buy or ask for permission.

    otherwise, this type of thread does not belong here at FK.

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