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Thread: Accessibiltiy and Sounds

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    Accessibiltiy and Sounds

    Does anyone work with Accessbility in Flash. If I create a button with a short sound attached when you mouse over will this cause problems with screen readers. For example will the sound of the button and screen reading reading the button description name play at the same time.

    Or will the screen reader wait until the sound has played and then read the text out loud?

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    people using screen readers use the TAB key to navigate to different buttons in the SWF. The screen reader reads the description when the button has focus. However, my guess is that the tab key does not execute code associated with a mouse event or change to the roll over frame of the button's timeline.

    So tab key probably does not equal rollover mouse event, though it may behave more like onRelease.

    you could test in a web browser by creating a simple 1 button swf with a sound on rollover event and just use the tab key to navigate to the button and see what happens.
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    screen readers

    My advice would be to download a screen reader to test it out. Im sure the rollover wont be a problem but if you are setting up the movie to be accessible you will need to test the navigation and the way Flash responds with the screen reader.

    You can dowload a demo of JAWS here...http://www.freedomscientific.com/fs_downloads/jaws.asp
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