I may be a pro at Photoshop 7 or even XHTML, but I'm no good at actionscript

I need some help from anyone who's willing to do it...I'll lay out my project.


That's what it will look like (or something close to that)

If you haven't caught on, here's what I need to do.

All I need is for the flash movie to get a record from my MySQL database based on today's date.

It will need to get the month (via number, e.g. "01") and the day via number (e.g. "18"). Year doesn't matter, and since you'll be getting the client's date, don't have to worry about leap years and DST and stuff like that.

I'm using the numbers since it'll be easier to use the date format then words (01/04/2002 is easier to parse instead of Wednesday, October 7, 2002).

No database work would be needed, I can set it up, and I can provide all the graphics...

If anyone is willing to help, either reply or email and I can get a outline for you to make it easy so work will go fast.

I'm not using HTML or ASP or JavaScript because our site needs a little animation anyways and it'll be nicer to use a Flash based presentation...

Thanks all!