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Thread: Forum Software - Opinions?

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    Forum Software - Opinions?

    Hi all,

    I'm currently rebuilding my personal/business website and I'm thinking about adding a "Forum" area to it. Mainly as part of my personal site - to give friends a place to post messages to each other. My question is this: What forum software would you suggest given the following criteria?

    1) Interaction with an HTML site as well as a Flash site
    2) Easy to install
    3) works with PHP or Perl and MySQL
    4) Easy to administer and use
    5) Flexible - easy to add "skins" and customize look and feel of forums

    FYI - I've worked with PHPBB before and liked it.

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    Afraid I can't make any recommendations on the basis that my backend knowledge is virtually nil (for now anyway). But, I am currently doing some concept work for a client who wants to set up an online version of his magazine - he has specified a forum as part of the equation, so any help in this matter would be appreciated.

    Also, //turns on cheeky smile// anyone got any ideas for the best way to skin the above cat? He likes the idea of a tidy flash interface, but what is the best solution to co-exist with that for delivering news, features,etc.

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    Re: Forum Software - Opinions?

    Originally posted by Tw4win
    FYI - I've worked with PHPBB before and liked it.
    I would recommend PHPbb as well.

    However, this discussion would be better suited for the backend/scripting forum... I'll move it there for you.


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