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Thread: How to.......?

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    How to.......?

    I'm still learning my way around Swift 3D v.3 and was wondering if some of you seasoned pros could offer me some advice. Here's my dilemma, I'm using Swift for graphic design purposes only so naturally I'm used to doing stuff in 2D within Adobe Illustrator. However, my current project involves trying to create a Star Wars ATAT Walker in 3D. How would you go about creating this? I've got a copy of an ATAT schematic which only shows the object in its side view only. Is this a good way of making something 3d? Is it better for me to trace the image in the side view mode or should I try and create it from a frontal view? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    for an ATAT walker i think the side is good. what you should do is draw the individual shapes of each piece of the ATT in side view (2d) using flash (no outlines single color). then you can export the shapes to .ai files and import those files into swift. swift will extrude the objects and then you can put all the pieces together to form the ATAT. I'm pretty sure daveyace has don some ATAT legs walking, mabey PM or mail him and he might share the .t3d.
    hope this helps
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    what blink said ... I would personally model the the parts in diffrent files then copy them and paste them all into one file when done and add them all together... that way later on if ya want to use one part you can get it with ease instead of clicking around for about an hour trying to getthe part ya want.......
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