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Thread: controling avi's using flash

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    hi all
    I have an avi and I want to, in effect, create my own skin for the avi player. What I realy want to do is make the video a simple screen and have a floating remote control for it which can start and stop etc etc, (most likely just another small page).

    Can anybody shed some light on how I could go about doing this? is it posible to make the remote in flash and have the buttons call certain actions to the video, how would i do this? is there any way to put avi video in flash?

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou

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    1. avi in flash: no

    2. flash remote control yes! (sorta)

    Using FS commands you can do this. simply have the movie in the parent window, then have the fs command do parent.moviename.stop().

    get the idea?

    one problem: no MAC. sorry, its a limitation.

    however, if you dont mind the annoying clicks, try doing a get url("javascript:parent.moviename.stop()")

    this should work as well.

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    You can try to use FlashAnts FMPlayer to play .avi and customize UI controls. go http://www.flashants.com for more information

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    Thanks for responding.

    I dont know if that javascript is right, I tried it and it didnt work, I'm not sure if the avi can be called in an object string. But thanks for the tip

    that flash ants is just what I was looking for.

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