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Thread: Change the Preloader actionscript

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    Change the Preloader actionscript


    This is for my 1st ever flash site, so apologies for the perhaps silly question.

    I've found this actionscript on the web to preload the full movie, however i want to change it to only preload upto certain frames i.e frame 28. Can this be done?

    Here is the actionscript i'm using:

    loadedFrames = getProperty("/", _framesloaded);
    totalFrames = getProperty("/", _totalframes);
    if (Number(loadedFrames)<Number(27)) {
    percentageOutput = int((loadedFrames/totalFrames)*100);
    setProperty ("loaderBar", _xscale, percentageOutput);
    gotoAndPlay ("preload-loop");
    } else {
    gotoAndPlay ("begin-movie");

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    possible answer =)

    go to the tutorials section in this website...search or PRELOADERS and you will find how to make them without problems!

    visit macromedia.com too..in the downloads > extensions...there are little programs for flash...you can find a Bytes-based Preloaders Extension...its very useful and easy!
    you have to register at macromedia.com

    learn how the extension maneger works...if you dont have it download it there
    [contacto creativo]

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