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    I am just getting my feet with Macromedia MX tools and was trying a few things out with Flash MX and FlashCom.

    I was running through a tutorial from the Macromedia website (how to setup a chatroom with AV's )

    I followed all the steps and uploaded it but notice that it never connects.

    Is there something I'm missing? I looked at a couple of other codes and they had some Action-scripting in there.

    Need help. Thanks

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    Hey - most likely it's with your connection string. I haven't done that tutorial, but I'm guessing that it uses the simple-connect? If so, in the line where it asks you to add the connection string in the component parameters, it probably said something like:


    If you upload to a server, it won't work because that connection is assuming the flash comm. server is on the same machine. It fcs is running on your home machine, simply change it to:


    note that there are 2 slashes after the rtmp: in the second string.

    That should do it!


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