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    Scene Navigation


    here i am again asking for help. I have searched tutorials online, and done some experimenting, yet i cannot find the right formula.

    The setup:

    -I have two scenes.
    -i have a movie clip with a button inside it.
    -this movie clip has 3 labels.
    -lets say: home, about, splash
    -when rolled over it goes to home and displays buttons about and splash.
    -when either one is clicked it goes and stops at that label.

    The task:
    -the scenes are labeled "about" and "home"
    -when i click about i want it to go to about scene and when i click splash i want it to go to the splash scene.

    The problem:
    -i have this button on both scenes.
    -when i click about it goes to a label in the movie clip where that link clicked on is unclickable.
    -when i click the other link i want it to go to that scene but go to another label within that movie clip.

    the problem i see is that you cannot skip to a scene and tell a mmovie clip where to go within it's labels...

    sound confusing?

    i can upload a test fla and you can see what exactly i am talking about and what im trying to do.

    My heart goes to whome ever is trying to understand the crap i am saying. understand though, this is the only problem i have that needs solving, everything else is set.

    Thanks a million

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    When you want to go to a different scene for a button within a movieclip, there's no need to target the scene. You probably used a code like this:
    gotoAndPlay("myscene", 5);

    What you need to do is use unique frame labels. Give the frames you want to go to a label name and target them like this:
    Just make sure you don't use the same label name twice.

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