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Thread: Dripping mercury/liquid metal thingie

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    Dripping mercury/liquid metal thingie

    Hi everyone, I'm not much of an animator, but the site I'm working on for someone...he wants the little long oval in the mouseover area to have a moving liquid metal thing. I saw something once that did this, but it was a Java Applet, and I lost the bookmark.

    How might I go about making a little dripping (motion) liquid metal thing to fit into that area (when you mouseover the dungeon stars, it will go black or something, will figure that out when I get there...)?

    I've resorted to macro-close digital camera videos of real dripping water onto the sink basin, but it looks butt-ugly!

    Here's the beginnings of site if you have any words of wisdom for me:

    I have Flash MX and Photoshop 7, Swift version 3 (which I'm at least familiar with as you can see) and if necessary (yikes) I can use Plasma at another location.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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