ello all.

I've inquired into purchasing the flashcom pro versioin which sells for $4,500 US .. I up here in canada doing programming in my igloo..so our price is
unit cost $7,200 with 7% descount (dont ask me why..could be cause its so cold up here!) so $6,696.00 plus frikin' gst $468 + pst $535 + $10 shipping equaling a whopping $7,710.40 cents in canadian dollars..yes i know it could equal $799 US with our again frikin canadian dollar and the exchange rate...but why is this price going up as of Jan 1,2003 ...
is macromedia also going to be upping the user connection # from 10 to ? or 500 to ?
what is the basis for the price hike..and what will be the price hike ?

the authorized macromedia reseller i spoke to told me

The exact details for the price increase I don't know. All Macromedia tells us is that the price is going up. Let me know if I can help you out in any other way.

So mabye someone who knows, or someone from macromedia or maybe guru Mike C. will be able to shed some light on this topic.

exact wording was *** PRicing is good thru Dec, 21, 2002 *** on the quote that was sent to me...
p.s Can anyone also tell me the other best Flashcom boards...i use the one at flashkit.com ..

Thanks for your time and energy !