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Thread: Been a while..

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    Been a while.. [RESOLVED]

    I haven't used Flash in a while and I'm paying for it now. I'm trying to control the main timeline from an MC. When a certain score is reached, the frame should advance to 2. Have a look at my current code:
            if (parseInt(/:score) >= parseInt(/:pelletCount * 10)) {
                gotoAndStop (2);
    When gotoAndStop(2); is replaced with getURL(), it works flawlessly. Is there a special way to control the main timeline from an MC?
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    i'm not sure how you have your .fla setup, but since you mentioned something about controlling the main timeline, it might be as simple as adding _root. to the front of your goto command...


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    Yup.. that did it. I should probably stop using Normal Mode more often Thanks bro

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