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Thread: Basic Help In Flash MX

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    Basic Help In Flash MX

    Hi All,

    I'm kinda new in Flash MX. I went thru the Tutorial that come with it to learn as much as possible. But it does not really explain on how to use Effets. In Swish2 it is very easy to use those Effects like your Objects in Scene sliding in OR Out OR doing some kinda 3D.
    I'm sure it could be done easily in Flash MX . But I seem can't figure it out how.

    I thought this forum could be very helpful since you are most probably very familiar both in Flash MX and Swish2.

    I want to learn how to use those Efects in Flash MX. Please help.

    Thanks in advance...



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    export the .swf from swish

    open flash

    press CTRL+F8 (this will create a movie clip, a button or a graphic)

    choose movie clip (MC)

    input a name for that MC

    IMPORT TO LIBRARY the .swf created in swish in the MC you created(at FILE)

    click on Scene 1 (between the work area and the layers)

    place the MC you created whereer you want
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    The effects in swish are built in. It would take a week to do the same thing in Flash, if you even could. Make the effects using swish, and don't add any actions at all, even a stop. Then import to the library. What you'll get is a frame by frame animation movie clip that you can then add actions to, or use in another movie clip. Any actions added in swish though, and it won't import at all.

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