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Thread: simple Mouse Over problem...

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    simple Mouse Over problem... is gone!

    ============================ old post
    i have a button....when you mouse over appears a picture...but if you enter with the mouse the area of the picture (invisible)...the picture appears and the button enables the mouseover instance....
    ============================ new post
    i found in the tutorials Buttons with Tell Target and Movies...its the solution for my problem...and if someone had it too...

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    ...what you need to do in such a case is to define the active area of the button, you can do so by creating a keyframe for the "HIT" frame and putting some shape or graphic object to give your button it's active area.
    Buttons have a default behaviour for fills, only the actual fill of the "hit" frame will be active, whereas the default setting for movieclips is boundingbox, so within the rectangle that contains the shape, anywhere is active...


    p.s. sorry for my bad english...but it's about 30 hours I haven't slept...
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