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Thread: What's the Meaning Behind YOUR Name

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    Corporate Nose-Picker
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    Mar 2001
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    aero = I work in the aeronautical industry
    flash = don't remember, i think it's some funky web thing out there.

    My company (run from home) is e-sense design, as a combination of essence and "e-", as in e-commerce.
    Of course I'm the man for the job! What is the job, by the way?

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    An Inconvenient Serving Size hurricaneone's Avatar
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    Mar 2001
    You know where
    Hurricane - because, as the most powerful force in nature, it would translate strength.

    and Graphics, 'cause we deal with graphics a lot (as you might figure, with a site development company)

    and I'm hurricaneone, because some other user had already taken hurricane.
    Stand by for emergency synapse rerouting

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    supervillain gerbick's Avatar
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    Jul 2000
    professional work/contracts under gorillafarm.

    It's an old name from college that seven of us ended up using as a shelter due to the fact that we all were not supposed to earn as much money as we did due to having scholarships... and over the years, we kept using it. We still do some contracts together, and use our talent pool to assist each other.

    Mostly do development work though... web design is something new.

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    Nov 2002
    my domain is cdp-design.com
    I chose it cos it has a dual meaning for me has my initials Chris David Padgett and also stands for what the website is about "Chris's design portfolio" ive only just started in the webdesign scene and so i havent got anything up yet but ive got some plans already drawn out

    ps when did u guys start up ur companies what age i mean cos at the mo im only 15 so its just a portfolio really but i was thinking of developing it into a company l8r.

    Any info on where u pros went on from bein a designer for fun to a designer for money would b grately apreciated

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