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Thread: Gradient needs to be smoother

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    Gradient needs to be smoother


    I have created a gradient in RGB mode in PS6, that fades from blue to grey. The problem is I am using a couple of jpegs as well, and so as not to lose any of their quality, have had to save it as a jpeg instead of a gif.

    How can I rid it of the several vertical lines that I now get - I just want the colours to blend in (look smoother)?

    Any help appreciated


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    ahh.. i recently had this problem, and asked several peoplal over at were-her, and got no good answer.. except save it as a larger file.. but here's what i do...
    in ps, select the "problem" spots (or the whole image depending..it take a bit of playing around)

    then with those spots selected just add a bit of noise from the filters menu ... you can add a VERY slight amount, monochrome noise of course... you need to play with it a bit, and check it, but it basically "dithers" the jpeg just a tad, and rids you of the banding issue... even though you add noise to it, ps will render the gradients more smoothly, just because the color range is broken up... you may not even be able to see any of the noise at all in the final save....

    hope that helps!

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    THANK YOU!!!!!

    Amazing! I never would have thought of this and it works perfectly.

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