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Thread: just messing around

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    just messing around

    this is just a site i've put together in my free time. more or less my own personal website. i'd still like to know what you all think. any feedback is welcome. keep in mind that this site is meant to be tounge and cheek, maybe even for a cheap laugh...or not. so don't take any of it too seriously let me know what you think. thanks everyone!!


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    japanese nayades's Avatar
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    Mar 2002
    neptune's mercenary canteen
    quite impressive.

    good work.
    i think you should check the fonts and the images resolution, which is always a common weak point in sites under development.

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    In my Mind

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    Jun 2002
    it is nice
    U like minimal but when u have biger res...
    and make more links..smting
    and white letters on orange bg r unvisible

    kypa mi

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    thanks everyone

    image resolution is a temporary problem, but the low res on the chat room section was intentional to keep the names annonymous. and i do think you're right about the white fonts...i'll make some sort of change to that. as far as links are concerned...there will be more soon but for initial review purposes i don't like to keep the dead links in. i'll post the final version once i have music and sound effects.

    thank you for all the kind words and suggestions

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    The pixel fonts need to be aligned so they dont blur.

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