After seeing tons of questions about preloading, cropping and fading images here and on other boards, I decided I would clean up some code I wrote for a friend, and release the FLA.

gPhotoFader loads an XML file, reads a photo list, and then preloads each photo and crops and fades it in individually (it loads images in the background).

gPhotoFader is only 2kb, and supports image preloading, randomization, variable fade rates, variable display delays, run-time resizing (with or without stretching the image), and a customizable border.

You can read the documentation, and download the FLA from my site:
in laboratory: source: FLAs: gPhotoFader

A quick link to see it in action:

There is also a nice pathfinder class available, for those that are interested.

Hope this helps someone out.
Grant Skinner.