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Thread: another little game by me!

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    another little game by me!

    another little game by me
    here is another game. A simple word find. Just looking for feedback again and if you know how to fix some errors please tell me.

    get it here


    select "word find" from the selection menu.

    You can also get the fla file there as well because i couldn't upload it on flash kit.

    anyway just tell me your thoughts, not on graphics but on script
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    well, If I draw a line from one letter to another, and then move it to another letter without releasing, it picks up all those extra letters. other then that, good job.
    - Lukstr

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    yeah i know,

    How it works is this.

    All the texts are buttons. The real texts dont randomize there text.

    The layout in one of the real texts are like this.

    actions layer
    text layer - Dynamic text field displaying text
    remove layer - Movie Clip which removes any fake text
    button layer - Movie clip named "button" - Button clip
    border layer - (simple border graphic)

    On the button layer in the Mclip actions follows

    onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
    i = _root.i;
    j = _root.j;
    z = _root.z;
    hit = _parent.hitTest(_root.s.frame.hit);
    if (hit) {
    if (!already) {
    already = true;
    _root.text += text;
    } else {
    already = false;
    This is the problem of going over the text more than once.
    What it does is stops the code from repeating if we hit it. But resets if we dont, so as we move away and come back it keeps on going.

    The solution i had was to have an

    on (release){
    action which would then set the selected text but as you know, once you press one button another button cannot perform any actions, so the only text that would display was the text overlaping the cursor. (end text) and this didn't work.

    Oh well can't be bothered explaining. If you really want to know just download the .fla
    (flash 5 format)
    lather yourself up with soap - soap arcade

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    Nice word search! Just one point............don't forget to detect the string of letters "backwards" for those of us that highlight the words back to front.


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