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Thread: Changeable text field color?

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    Changeable text field color?

    I have a dynamic text box where the text changes depending on what is selected in a list box (using variables.) Is there a way to also attach a bit of code so that the color of the text in the textbox also changes?

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    Where you define you textfield enter the following code:

    backgroundColor=0xFF0000;//this is a red background
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    i meant that i want the text to change color depending on what i select, not the background. i basically want each item in the list to be a variable and say if (for instance) variable=a then the text color is red and if variable=b then the text color is blue. is this possible?

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    Ok, on the textfield options check the render text as HTML buttom

    Your script goes like this if variable=a (font color="#FF0000") <font color="#FF0000"> Your text </font> (/font)

    else if variable=b (font color="#0000FF") <font color="#0000FF"> Your text </font> (/font)

    instead of using ( ) use < > i just used ( ) for demostration.

    i hope this helps if you need something else just tellme C ya
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