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Thread: Fade graphics

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    Fade graphics

    New to Flash MX
    May I please ask someone to have a look at the first draft of a project I'm working on and advise a way to decrease the file size.(919kb)
    I know I have a lot of images.. is this the cause? or the amount of tweens? All the fades are tweened as is the panorama.
    I believe there is an action script for the fades... I tried following instructions I picked up from here but didnt achieve any result, so may have missed an important step.
    I would appreciate any help.


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    Use the Generate Size Report in the Publish Settings to see exactly what takes up each kb in your movie.

    Also , a vectorized map would probably take up much less kb.

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    without seeing the FLA, there is really no way for us to know what is making your movie so large...chances are, it is the images...you need to save them (before importing them into flash) at the lowest possible file size you can and still keep quality...but there are many things that can make a movie size large...

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    I agree with mra....look at the file sizes for your pics. I count 12 pictures total the rest being graphics. For the size you are using now the pics should be in to 25-35k range a little larger for the pano. 11 pics at 35k would be 385k + 100k for pano = 485k.

    The rest of the flash should not take up too much space. It looks good just takes too long to see it.

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    press the picture...
    The fading pics you can load dynamically into an empty mc and manipulate the fading by as.

    Check http://can_info_guide.tripod.com/

    There is a tutorial on tweens by as. The menu on this site is also fading with as. I will soon put a tutorial on how to make the fadein and out effect of the menu, probably this weekend.
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