OK, I've done the buttons I asked about in an earlier post (Thank you very much u who helped me).
Now I have some new trouble ;

1. Where is it decided if my flash object should be repeated or not ?
Now, when I play it it starts over after being played, which is not so good, since there are buttons to click in the end. This can be stopped by unchecking repeat (or sling) when rightclicking in the browser, but I don't want this to happen at all. So is this something I can stop from within the flashmovie ? Like a stopAnimation or something to put in the last frame.

2. I can't get my little animation to be in the middle of the page. I put align="CENTER" in the tags, but this doesn't help. What does ?

3. My buttons don't get a good "hitting area". As I've understood this could be fixed in the Hit frame of the button, but how ?
My button looks like this

(an animation)

And only some areas are clickable, for example the text is mostly not.. How to fix this ?

Stay tuned for more annoying newbie questions

And TIA once again