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Thread: Potentially Dumb Question

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    Potentially Dumb Question

    I've created a movie that loads several swf's. The first movie has been compiled into a projector file, but the swf's have not.

    Now, here's the dumb question. If someone without a flash plug-in on their computer plays the exe file, which then calls the swf files, will that user be able to see the swf files?

    The reason I ask is because the swf files have been visible on every computer I've tried, even after uninstalling the Flash plug-in. But then I came across ONE computer that simply refuses to play anything beyond the initial exe file.

    I always thought the projector file would play the swf files regardless of whether or not Flash is present on the host computer.

    What gives?

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    The exe should be able to play the swf files as it has the Flash player built in.

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