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Thread: combobox bug with long lists?

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    combobox bug with long lists?

    I have a flash file that has two combobox components on it. Both boxes have labels that are numeric. When the list is short - say 5 numbers in the box, the .swf compiles no problem, and the flash is well-behaved.

    However, when I made both lists 10 entries long (values 2-10 for both), compiling the .swf put it into an endless loop. I ended up with a runtime error - "R6025 - pure virtual function call".

    I spent a whole day isolating this problem, and I'm quite confident that it's a problem in the combobox rather than in other areas of my code.

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    Can't be! First time I hear something like that. I use combo boxes with way more than 2-10 entries, and I never heard of something like that kind of error...!

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    I find it hard to believe too, but I have the problem even if I delete all the actionscript and leave the comboboxes, but not if I remove the comboboxes or if I put fewer entries. And the actionscript I have is mighty simple.

    Could it be because they both have only "labels" and not "data", or because they're both using numeric labels that might be stomping on each other somehow? Is it possible that I'm using an old version of the components?

    It really is true that adding even two more labels to my comboboxes significantly increases the time to compile the .swf. I cannot understand why this would be.

    Thanks for your help.

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