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Thread: Dimensions and what part of the animation is visible

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    Dimensions and what part of the animation is visible

    Ok one thing that bothers me is that when I make an animation, when its played the dimensions I set in the Properties window dont seem to apply.

    For example I made a new file, set the dimensions to be 700x200 and so the white canvas that you draw on resizes to 700 width by 200 hight. I drew some stuff. But when its played on the internet, IE zooms in and resizes the animation so the width fits across the whole browser window... when the browser is in maximum size. When I adjust the browser window's size to smaller the animation becomes smaller, and stuff that I drew outside the canvas in the grey area becomes visible, which I don't want it to. Like if I wanted to put a background in the animation, and have it slowly move from the grey area onto the canvas without someone seeing beforehand, etc...


    The big blue rectagle is drawn around the actual canvas (700x200)with a couple of smaller rectagles inside.. but if you resize the window you'll see the bigger red rectagle that goes way around the canvas in the grey work area. Whats the point of having the white canvas at all if everything is going to be shown anyway?

    I know I'm being sorta vague but plz help

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    Embed the swf in an .html document. (Ctrl+F12 to have MX create the .html for you).
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