hello, I am new to this board :-)
I have been learning basic action script this past week and have run into a problem that the "help" option does not provide info on.

Basically I have a button that when I press it it will attatch a movie clip to a target movie clip that I called "loadTarget". I made all these conditons and everything and it worked fine even when I made a function applying it to many buttons for different things to attatch.

My problem is this: I wanted to see if I can target this "loadTarget" clip if it was on the main timeline of a loaded movie, on another level, say lvl 2. I have a feeling that the problem is in targeting the movie clip instance.

So I looked up targeting movie clips in the help and it says rather than typing the standard _root. to type in _level2. so that it can find the clip on level 2 relative to the main movie...

But it wont attatch the clip! It still cannot find the "loadTarget" clip instance in the loaded movie...

can anyone help me? thanks :-)