or rather Cold Fusion to Flash,

I have a link to an mp3 file in a list. When I clicked, I want the mp3 file open up in a Flash that I allready have prepared. All that Flash would contain would be loadSound(varFromHTML,true) and start to play the sound...all pretty easy one might persume, but here the big ( ? ) how do I send variables from a basic a href to the swf file? I am sure it is possible. Tried searching the forum first, but the search timed out...nodge nodge wink wink say no moa say no moa. Anyhow...anyone got an answer for me?


and by the way, FK admins, those new banners of yours anoy the **** out of me. I know, I know, you need to make money and all that, I respect that. But those banners (Anfy and Microsoft) are just TOO MUCH. Poor those users who are stuck on 800*600 their screen will be invaded by those things...