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Thread: Load movie to specific fram label?

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    Load movie to specific fram label?

    I have 2 movies that I have created as a picture viewer. When the user gets to the end of the first movie it loads the second movie with no problems. The problem is when the user is at the beginning of the second movie and wants to view the previous image from the end of the first movie. I have it so it is loading the first movie, but when it loads it starts from the beginning. Is there a way to specify a frame label that the movie will start from?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    i suppose the 2 movies are flash movies? then why cant you just get the first movie to gotoAndPlay wherever you want?

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    assuming the second movie takes the place of the first..
    maybe have the first "back" button on the second movie contain these actions:

    load first movie;
    gotoandStop at frameX

    in that order,. If that doesn't work, try:

    load "movie1";
    if ("movie1" loaded) {gotoandstop frameX of "movie1"}

    if that doesn't work, then Im sure somone else here can help you :-)
    It may not work if the first movie automatically takes the place of the second when you go back.. the script may dissapear..

    I think the simplest solution would be to have everything in one movie... and load the images or whatever separately.
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    I haven't tried it myself, but in MX, you should be able to use named anchors, as long as the first movie hasen't been unloaded or replaced. Heres an article from Macromedia on how to use the backbuttons in the browser to go back to a visited clip.


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