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Thread: Making a flash web site with mx

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    Making a flash web site with mx

    how I make a flash web site like flash menus on the left and when I click on them the pages appear on the right.

    links turotials anyone?

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    You just load external swf's with the "right" content from your menu.

    Make the "Right" content .fla's the same size as the menu but dont have any graphics or so to the left as they would hide the menu buttons.

    To load an external swf on top of the menu use.....

    This will load myGallery.swf into _level1 of the FlashPlayer.
    Loading another swf into the same level will unload the first one.

    Try it youll soon get the hang of it.

    You cn also load external swf's into target movieclips of your main movie.

    make a empty movieclip and call it movieHolder (instancename).
    Place it anywhere on the stage and use


    ....to load an external swf into it.

    -Pelle Piano
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    i think you meen a hybrid site, with a flash menu on the left and html content on the right. is that it?!

    if it isn't, if you're making it flash only then follow pellepiano, if not, i think what you need is to make your html page with two frames, put in the left frame your flash menu and then link the buttons to the html pages to load on the right this way:

    on (relese){
    getURL("yourpage.html", "_mainframe");

    note that mainframe is the name you give to the frame on nthe right.

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    ah thanks # 2 i'll be sure to try that i'll message if any problems

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