hey all. im storing some variables in flash that will ultimatelly be fed into coldfusion as an xml document. the variable, which is named 'logEntry', is a very long string that concatenates information onto the end of it as the user performs certain actions. logEntry is a string that is set up to ultimatelly become an xml document. For example, when the movie loads, logEntry is set to the following (all of the other variables have already been definted):

var logEntry = "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\" ?>\n" +
"<LogFile ID=\"" + _root.user_id + "\">\n" +
"<Header ID=\"" + _root.user_id + "\" type=\"" + _root.treatment +"\" start_time=\""+_root.hour+":"+_root.minutes+":"+_r oot.seconds+"\">\n" +

as the movie progresses, logEntry concatenates more information onto it, and when the movie has finished, this variable is exported, etc etc. The problem is this: when logEntry is in this form (i.e. a 'complex' string), the variable never gets passed out of flash. However, just to test what the problem might be, I set logEntry to something simple, such as

var logEntry = "this is a test";

and the variable exported just fine. Im thinking then that the problem is in my syntax. Am I using the correct syntax for line breaks and quotation marks? Do I need to use special syntax for brackets? Any other ideas as to what the problem could be? Thanks in advance.