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Thread: Interactive Map, how?

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    Interactive Map, how?

    I would like to have a map that can do some of the following:

    zoom in/out
    navigate via drag or arrows
    possibly have option to show landmarks by clicking button

    I have figured out how to drag around with the help of a flash add on someone made, but it would be nice to have it stop at the boundaries of the map.

    I know you can zoom by right clicking, but it would be nice to have a visual guide to click on.

    I've seen toggles to turn on and off objects/layers, but don't know if this can be done in combination with the above.

    Is all of this too complex for Swish, or does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Nope... not with swish.

    The problem is that you'll need some pretty involved actionscript to keep the map within the borders at varying levels of zoom. I'm working on a project for a client of mine that is exactly what you are talking about (see a sample at http://www.jaycharlesdesign.com/fine...ballstonUV.htm )

    The theory behind it is that you have to be able to calculate the position of the map in relation to the edge of the mask. This is simple until you throw a zoom feature into the mix. When the map is scaled (the zoom works by enlarging and shrinking the map) the relationship of the center of the map to the edge of the mask changes.

    You'll also need some means of recentering the map when it is zoomed out... also a job for some involved actionscript.

    I guess the bottom line is that this isn't a job for the current version of Swish.

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    Just an update...

    That project has launched at http://www.commuterpage.com/art/villages
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    Long time no see Jay

    Having an identity crisis?

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    Hi Frets,

    No identity chrisis (that was a few months ago ). When FK upgraded to the new forum version, I was one of the fortunate ones who's account was somewhat mangled. Got it fixed a while back
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    hey Jay,
    good to see you posting...
    It's nice to see the map project, it is a nice bit o' work.

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