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    I have a duplicated movie and I can't seem to make it do what I want.

    Heres what I have, a movie clip that has been duplicated 3 times
    movie1-(instance name movie1)
    movie2-(instance name movie2)
    movie3-(instance name movie3)

    I also have a button that has been duplicated 3 times
    The button Code
    on (release) {
    if (this.url.indexOf("|")>0) {
    var z = this.url.split("|");
    The Array Code
    linkArray =

    myMenu["holder"+k]["menu"+m].url = linkArray[k][m];
    What I want to do is if you click button1, movie1 plays if you click button2, movie2 plays and it you click button3, movie3 plays. A problem I'm have is I don't know how to make a specific movie clip play when the movie clip is being duplicated. Another problem is I have to put the movie clip in with the main button and I can't seem to target the movie clip when it is inside another movie clip.

    Take a look at the menu
    Download the file
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