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Thread: Problems with Playing Flash files from the Network...Solution?

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    Problems with Playing Flash files from the Network...Solution?

    For some strange reason, if I work on something on the network and then try to preview it, I get a blank screen. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, are there any solutions?

    I've had to work on all my projects locally and then transfer them over. This does not happen with Flash 5 files.

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    Are you saving the files locally? This might be a dumb question and then again it might not.

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    Try updating your standalone player to r65, this worked for me. Might as well grab the documentation updater while your there.


    hope this helps,

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    I updated the flash player but still having same issue. darn. This is really strange.

    I'm currently working on everything locally because it won't work off the network. If I'm working on a network file and hit CTRL-enter to preview--no content in flash player, just white screen.

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