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Thread: Key Press help?????

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    Key Press help?????

    hi anyone

    I have seen this cool link: http://www.addb.ro/ and tried to make a similar menu but without any luck. I made a movieclip that do the animation up and down. On that I made a "onClipEvent-function" where I hit a key to making the "menu" drop down. The problem is that if I'm holding down the key it doesn't stop but keep on playing so the menu-animation are closing again.

    How can I fix that or is there an easier way to do it?

    Please contact me on: jacob@flyart.dk



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    Did you add a stop to the last frame of the menu animation? And what code did you use?

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    No tweens included

    They made a movie clip that sits just above the stage with an enterFrame script that checks to see if the shift button is down, if so increase the the _y of the clip until it is 0 (meaning its top is even with the top of the stage). If the condition fails (the shift button is let go) the _y is decreased until the movie clip is just above the stage.

    I got it to work with this code on the first frame.
    // menu is the name of the movie clip
    menu.onEnterFrame = function() {
            // make it come down
    	if (Key.isDown(Key.SPACE)){
    		if (menu._y < 0){
    			menu._y += 50;
            // make it go back up
    	} else {
    		if (menu._y >-294) {
    			menu._y -= 50;
    The -294 came from me physically moving the movie clip up above the top of the stage and looking at the property bar to see what the y coordinate was. Yours most likely will be different.

    Hope that helps!
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    Thanks guys...

    I've found out and it's working fine but thanks a lot for the reply's.


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