hi there

is there anything wrong with this preloader ?

on frame 1:
if (this.getBytesLoaded()==this.getBytesTotal()) {
   gotoAndPlay("Scene 1", 1);
} else {
   percentage = Math.round((getBytesLoaded()/getBytesTotal())*100);
on frame 2:
gotoAndPlay (1);
i've been building a random answer fortune telling game for the past few weeks for a clients [can't post it up unfortunately] and all has been running smmothly until it was time to add a preloader scene and add the preloader. i added the code above along with some graphics and some of the functionality within the actual game was affected. certain animations wouldn't play and some buttons stopped working even though i had not changed the code within the game. all i'd done was add a preloader. i have no idea why this is happening, and when i remove the preloader scene - it all starts working again.

has anyone else experienced this or is there something wrong with my preloader.

any help would be much appreciated as i'm ripping my hair out here...might not have any left soon.