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Thread: Dynamically setting labels or dynamically setting frames to print

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    Dynamically setting labels or dynamically setting frames to print

    1. Does anyone know if there is a way to dynamically set a frame label. The reason for this is that I want a particular frame to Print with other frames (requiring a frame label of #p) if you answer a question a certian way and not to print with the other frames (needing a different label or no label at all) if the question is answered differently.

    2. Option #2 would be to be able to dynamically set which pages print when you call the "PRINT" command (probulary through an expression). Any ideas would be appreciated.


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    No can do. This is a big limitation in Flash currently.

    I wrote an email to MM asking for this feature a while back. You might want to do the same (or just copy, paste and forward the contents of my email, and forward it to them) wish-flash@macromedia.com.

    Here is the post dealing with it:

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