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    I use corel draw to create alot of my visual artwork in flash. Although both are vector art, they are hardly compatible for complicated images. I would load one thing with transparencies and color shades, sometimes not even complex, export as a swf and when imported into flash it looks disgustingly off.

    One thing I tried to do is save the image as a jpeg, re-import it into corel draw and have it placed in a container to the exact shape of the image. Then export it to flash.

    It actually worked well, the image quality was nice and I was happy until I had the object animated... it totally messed up the edges and they became all wierd and jagged. In fact it does this always, unless the image is in the presentation from the first frame on...

    I was told to use PNG's with transparent backgrounds, so in photopaint I saved it with that format, but when I tried to import it into flash an error occurred...

    has anyone experienced any of these frustrating problems with pics? any advice?

    thanks :-)
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    I constantly have problems with importing EPS and AI files. We regularly receive logos from clients in either EPS or AI format, and 99% of the time, Flash will either give me an error along the lines of "the file could not be completely understood," or will load the vectors with missing points.

    This occurs even if I'm saving into an AI 6.0 format (c'mon...Adobe is up to, what...version 10 with Illustrator???)

    So, the workaround I've come up with is to open the EPS or AI in Fireworks (4.0--we don't have MX yet) then save it as an SWF. The vectors are preserved as they should be.

    I have used CorelDRAW...well...CorelANYTHING in about 7 years, so I'm definetely not up to speed with the software. You'll have to see if you can save/export to .SWF, which is doubtful. If all else fails, try Fireworks--it works nicely.

    Keep in mind that any enhanced vector filters (like emboss or fill patterns) will export the vector object as a rasterized image and not a vector--Flash can't mimic those fun little filters that Fireworks provides.

    ... gimme just one more line of code to ease the pain.

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