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    Hello everyone in Flash land.

    As my question will assert I am a newbie. Question: Can someone instruct as to the process of adding a sound file to a mouse over of a button. In the over position I can add color but have never added sound. I realize I have to import the sound but the action to attach it is where I am lost. Thanks for any help. Ron_56

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    Sorry that I can't explain it to you, but there is a tutorial on that question in Flash MX (if thats what you have). Go to HELP>WELCOME ... then go to "developer" when they give you a choice. From there, well, it's around there

    Sorry if I cant be of more help.

    -Edgar De Loa

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    very quickly here is the tut.....

    with a new fla

    File>import to library....import your sound

    make a rectangle

    press f8 to convert it to a button

    doubleclick your new button

    now you have a 4 frame movie with "up", "over", Down" and "hit"

    move your mouse over the "layer1" on the left of the timeline.

    right click and select add layer. a new layer will appear.

    in the "over" box of this new layer press f6 to insert a blank keyframe

    click on that new keyframe. now look at the properties box. there is an option for sound. click the arrow and you can select any sound you have imported to the library from the list.

    now just below that is an option for "sync", set that to start.

    now go test your movie, on rollover you should hear your selected sound

    hope all that works for you (i just did it to remember how and it worked fine for me...lol)


    oh i attached the file i made. just doubleclick on the button to see what i did

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    Thanks to all.
    I did get the mouse over to work several times( that’s the only way I learn(dense)). Was hoping that you could assign different sound files to different instances of the same symbol but seems you can’t. If anyone knows better please advise. Again THANKS

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