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Thread: Sound Loops, best way to have them load

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    Sound Loops, best way to have them load

    What is the best way to have a long loop (more than 10 seconds long) load and play in a flash movie?


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    I just experimented with this a couple days ago. First you have an mp3 in the same folder as the movie. Then, make an empty movie clip and put an instance on the stage. Then, in the first frame of an actions layer, add this as a frame action:

    this.onEnterFrame ;
    loadMovie ("music2.mp3", "_root.placeholder");
    mySound = new Sound();
    mySound.loadSound("music2.mp3", true);

    This streams the mp3, there is absolutely no load time at all. I have loaded sound loops of almost 400K with no starting delay at all.

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    Thanks... I'll save this info... I have a project coming up that may require nice music loop.... thanks again!

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