Hi I am hoping somone can help me with this problem,

I had an idea of a project i would like to build and my actinscript has improved a lit so I just need a little help with some of it as I am not sure whether it can be done.

I create some movie clips and place them in my library only they have not been dragged onto the stage yet.

What I would like to know is whether I can have a button which once clicked would somehow put the apropriate movieclip i wanted onto the stage in a certain spot so that the user could then drag the movieclip around.

The whole piont is that I dont want the movie clips on stage at the start I want to be able to select them from a menu or click a button and i get an instance on the stage.

a good example I have found is http://www.pearldrum.com/dreamkit/index.html

So just so poeple are clear I want to be able to place clikps onto the stage with the click of a button or from a menu or something and I want to know if it can be done firstly and also what the actionscript is

Thanx all