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Thread: Long winded websites...a thing of the future?

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    Long winded websites...a thing of the future?

    i've been surfing a lot of flash/swish sites and can't help but notice that people want their viewers to endure these long winded...often boring...intro fandango's. in short, look at all my neat tricks, though they have nothing to do with the overall content that is being presented. is this what we can expect in the future? i feel as though i'm forced to watch an infomercial before getting to the content that i REAllY came to see.


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    I think the long winded intro has long since become passe by the forward thinkers around these parts. Many of those revlolutionaries are either moving towards short, content specific intro's, none at all, or hybrid sites with a link to a Flash Presentation that the user can chose to veiw on his own accord.

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    I think intros are not as popular as they used to be for sure. I haven't even been asked to design a intro for a while... the last one was for Troma's Toxic Avenger. I would never place a intro on my site. I like to pretty much get to the point with my stuff (I do like to show a few quick things that show off my skills, but I just put up a splash screen with site requiments and thats about it.
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    I like to stick a 3-4 second animation in right before the user sees the content, just a really simple one.. like an animation with the logo. This "intro" would be included into the main movie.


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    Yeah, i think intros were big when flash hit its peak, just because people could do little movies to intro sites.

    But now i think its all in how the door opens.. like how a site unfolds (2a has that trick down to a science).

    I think intros are ok, as long as there's a skip button. I know for example my mom still looks at intro's on sites and thinks their amazing... but she rarely see's many sites with flash content.. so i think there is a market out there for it.

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