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Thread: problem with flashkit.com

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    problem with flashkit.com

    problem when visiting Flash Kit.com

    http://www.flashkit.com, the Home page, tutorials, sound fx, movies, board.....within the whole site in general. The tabels are blown; the banner ads which are usually alined down the right and left sides of the site are sometimes displayed, lined up down the center of the page with white space surrounding them. The information that I'm after on the sub pages, be it tutorials, flas, or sound fx are all the way at the bottom of the page, below the banner ads...I have to scroll all the way down to find the info...I assumed this was a blown table, since the banners are sometimes is aligned on the sides, and sometimes on down the middle. The back button is sometimes in the middle of the page at the top as well...and it never takes me back to the last page, it loads a blank page(white screen with no content).

    I find the site to be very useful despite the problems I am having. I just wanted to report the issues I have had. Again the operating system I am using is Explorer 5.1 for Mac. Iappologize for not being specific enough.

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    A screenshot maybe? The ads are random and are of differet sizes. The content of the page will not always be in the same place if that makes sense...

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    Looks ok to me...

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