Hi everyone,

When I add a ScrollPane from the FlashMX UI Components, it (naturally) raises the size of my movie by about 32k. It appears to be placing this in the 1st frame of the movie, even if it doesn't appear in the 1st frame.

Where I'm having an issue, is that if I then change my mind and remove the component (including from the library) and all of its references from the code, the 1st frame remains on 32k.

This is causing me headaches with my pre-loader, as this 32k must be loaded 1st, before my preloader appears (kinda redundant).

1) Will a UI Component always load in frame 1, even if it's not required until a later frame / scene?

2) I can never seem to clear it out completely, if I have ever added it (nd then removed it) from my movie. Is the UI Component stored somewhere else other than code and the library within my movie? If so, where? and how can I get rid of it completely (without starting a new movie), if I've added it to my movie and then change my mind.