Basically, I decided what I want to do with my other site,
It's going to be a large graphical showcase. Where people can post there graphics, and other people can view, and possibly review them. I am going to start it out with maybe 7 people who can post their images. The exact premise of the site may change, but this gives the basic idea of whats going to happen. It's going to rely on mysql and php, so I need people skilled with that. I want to have update scripts and user acounts for people who can post images, so it may be difficult.

Current Positions Being Accepted

--Need to know mysql and php
--Skill with graphics and webdesign

--Need to know HTML, and maybe Flash
--Extreme skill with graphics and webdesign

Theres other general positions, just post with some sites that you have made, and a general resume. For now the pay will be the fact that you have all your images hosted for free, provides a place to showcase your work and get possible job offers, and other obvious things. Eventually there may be some form of compensation, but for now, thats enough. All the work will be hosted on a .com, so you can post images in Forums etc..

I will post with the accepted applications in the coming weeks, and will not be accepting people soley on friendship, only skill. So dont feel bad if you dont get chosen, it doesn't mean I dont like you.

For more information, email me