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Thread: Photoshop ............6.0

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    Photoshop ............6.0

    Can anyone direct me to a site which gives an iq test on photoshop ???

    i tried looking but i couldnt find it .....
    plz help
    thnkzzz in advance
    i mean a free one
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    Hi with the greatest of respect, passing a test is not the way to do it, make some design work and post it here for feedback

    anyone can read a book and remember it, u must live it

    id personally like to see some Phsp work u have done

    go on u know u want 2

    another good one is photoshop battles (good 4 practicing)


    if u do get a battle going let me know

    sorry to get off the question

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    Thank u very much ! I am quite new to flashkit and photoshop , have been larning for 2 months i just wanted to know about how good i am .
    aand i have never read a book either on ps.

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    like BP says post some work and let the people tell you how good you are.

    In school we never had tests just projects.

    The arena is good place to see where you stand.

    It also makes you realize how hard it is to have a wide range of skills.

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