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Thread: How can I make thumbnails clearer?

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    How can I make thumbnails clearer?

    In my image gallery I want to integrate thumbnails.
    But how to make them clearer when they are so small.

    I'd be happy about a recommendation how to improve them using Photoshop filters.

    Thanks a lot.

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    try to add a filter for sharpening the image

    filters>sharpen>unsharp mask

    or use the 'crop tool' and only take a part of the site as thumb.

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    as sense says use the unsharp mask filter, also when u scale them down dont scale them from eg 2000 pixs to 50 all in one go

    scale 2000 to 1400 then to 900 then to 600 > 300 > 150 > 50

    doing it that way keeps more of the detail in the image, i sometimes do a small unsharp mask as i am bringing the image size down, this also keeps the detail higher

    hope this helps

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