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Thread: Animate button upon over frame

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    How do I animate a button so that when I go from up to over, I can animate it? And then how do I do the reverse from over to up or down to hit?

    For example, I want to have a small circle as a button, but when the mouse goes over it, I want it to get larger. Then, after they pass over it, or if they hit it, how do I get the button to get back to its small scale? How do I achieve this effect?

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    Red face here it goes

    On the over thing:

    You make a movie clip of the circle expanding and then place that in the over frame of the button. That will also solve the mouse out problem unless you want the circle to shrink gradualy on mouse over.

    Shrink Gradually:

    You copy the frames from the circle exspand clip and then paste them in a new movie clip. Now highlight them all and then right click and goto reverse frames. Add a keyframe infront of them all and keep it blank and give it the action to stop. Now you place the movie in the main scene and give it an instance name (right click>>properties). Now place your button over it and goto the button's properties and actions, and here is the commands...

    On mouseover(mouseout)
    Tell Target=(movie clip)
    Goto and Play = (2)
    End Tell Target
    End mouseover

    Lastly, the shrink on click:

    If you want a quick shrink you just copy the circle from the up frame to the down frame. If you want a gradualy shrink you do the same thing as I said above under gradual shrink, but in the mouseover command line change mouseout to press or release.

    I hope that works.

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