I am having some trouble getting things to unload and load...
let me explain my situation:

what I have is a movie clip called "menu1" that when I click a button is attached to a targeted empty clip. This works great and all.

the nature of the movie clip "menu1" :
it stops half way in the clip and presents the buttons. The other half of the clip tweens the movie out of view, then unloads itself.

What I want to do is when I click a certain button...if occupiedMenu = false then it attaches menu1 into the target empty clip...

if the movie clip is there, in other words a defined variable "occupiedMenu" is true, then it will play that move clip.. (which will have it unload itself and set the variable "occupiedMenu" to false) then after it has unloaded itself to load up another movie clip in the place of the last one.

so basically: if theres a clip there it will unload, if there isnt, it will load.

...movie there, it will play that move, the movie unloads itself, then it loads up a new movie to take its place.

no movie there, it loads up a movie
MY PROBLEM is that I can't get it to wait until the original movie has unloaded itself before it loads the new one...
I tried using an "if" statement inside the if. Hopefully to pick up the transition of the "occupiedMenu" variable from true to false.. and load up the new movie. But it won't work

I played around with "do while" but I dont know how to use it...

any help would be most appreciated.